Cristian Roux

Cristian Roux photoCristian Roux is a respected Melbourne-based artist/writer and creator of comics, as well as self-publisher of same. For the past few years he’s been producing the series Falling Star – set in Australia in the not-too-distant future, it’s the story of how the legendary, mythological, or ‘super’ heroes disappeared from our real world, into the realm of the imagination. Falling Star is also about the burden of possessing unique abilities and that — despite best efforts — nothing comes without cost.

Roux has also been contributing to the Melbourne Comics Quarterly publication aimed at raising the profile of Australian creators.

“I’m also currently working on a new project, something that’s been simmering on the back-burner for a number of years. I finally bit the bullet and decided to tackle it head on. This is John Christie, Detective, a historical work set in the latter part of the 19th century, focusing on the adventures of a Scottish immigrant named John Christie.

“Through brass and determination, Christie found employment as a detective in the young and wild Melbourne. In a city newly rich with gold, at a time when everyone was out for themselves — and where every second person was an ex-convict — Christie solved crimes, building a name for himself through wit and daring… but not everyone was happy with his success.”

Do you believe there really is an Australian comics renaissance right now?

SAUCE_FALLINGSTAR-4-COVER“There are a number of factors contributing to the boom in independent comics in Australia — and they are all interlinked.

“A major one is the revolution of digital printing, allowing for small runs of high-quality books that can compete with the product of major publishers.

“Another major factor is simply content — independent books mean that creators are able to tell the stories they choose in the way they want, filling a gap left by the limitations of mass-produced, formulaic franchised content. I’d also have to say that there is just an incredible amount of talent out there [in Australia], and a number of comic creator groups around the country that provide support, know-how and encouragement to creators. Many of the groups have been around for a number of years, and these informal gatherings allow for an amazing exchange of ideas, experiences and expertise from older creators to newer ones.

“With the advent of more small-press focused events like Homecooked Comics Festival, Festival of the Photocopier, Australian Comics Arts Festival, Comic Gong and the Other Worlds Zine Fair, there’s a growing interest and realization of the possibilities of the medium.

“And, finally, there’s only one thing better than reading comics — making them!”


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