Matt Kyme

Matt Kyme photoMatt Kyme is a comic book writer/artist in Melbourne, Australia. He’s probably best known for the superhero series That Bulletproof Kid (via IF? Commix in Australia and Project-Nerd Publishing in the U.S.), but has also worked on other titles including Tales To Admonish, Gaining Velocity, Carmen and Decay.

Kyme and a bunch of other local artists recently collaborated with writer Jason Franks on his upcoming comic Gourmand Go, and he’s wrapping a story called ‘The Ghoul’ which will find a home in a local Aussie anthology called Oi Oi Oi!

Why did you start making comic books?

“I had a childhood love of comics, so have always felt compelled to make them. I feel almost obliged to do so. I must make comics. It’s an addiction.”

Who were your local comic book influences?

THAT BULLETPROOF KID_by Matt Kyme“Frew publications hold the rights to print The Phantom in Australia. They were the first Australian publisher I became aware of when I was a kid. From there, I discovered Cyber-Swine, Local Act Comics, Southern Squadron, Dark Nebula and Killeroo. All of these comics and their respective creators were big inspirations. I’ve been keenly interested in local comics, and have collected widely. I dare not list any for fear of unintentionally excluding someone. I must say, though, that Winter City, Kranburn, Sawbones and From Above were big inspirations when I started self-publishing. I saw these as benchmark books both in storytelling and in production. Since then, many other local works have made it onto my ‘essentials’ list.”

Do you believe there really is an Australian comics renaissance right now?

“I’m not sure if ‘renaissance’ is the word for it — though there are a number of people and companies diligently working towards that. I can say without hesitation some amazing projects are being produced in Australia, both independent and for the majors. There are amazingly talented individuals and teams working on great stuff. Perhaps we are approaching a renaissance, but I’d love to the the scene develop an industry and infrastructure to match what is seen in other countries.”


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