Dan Watts

13532876_10154196661667978_7129930100841981107_nGold Coast based Daniel Watts is a freelance artist working in illustration and sculpting. He just completed and self-published the beautifully quirky comic strip book Bipp and Trax Intergalactic Realestate, and worked on a memorable That Bulletproof Kid short featuring Monochrome (see below) with writer Jason Franks.

Why did you start making comic books?

“I am addicted to — ha-ha-ha — and comics have always been the drive behind me practicing art.”

1888528_10152199371922978_910734890_nWho were your local comic book influences?

“In the early ’90s I went to a comic convention, found some Aussie creators, and their comics CyberSwine [by Sam Young, a.k.a. Max Autohead] and Platinum Grit [by Danny Murphy and Trudy Cooper] — so they were a big influence for me to start drawing.”

Do you believe there really is an Australian comics renaissance right now?

“I see many very talented writers and artists putting in a lot of hard work to produce their comics — and investing in themselves to get the work out there. So, I guess I try to support every one having a go, and work on getting my own art out there.”

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